We are the Confidence company.

We started Worthright to reduce stress for individuals and bring ease to complex decisions. We wake up each day and work to be sincere, uplifting and understandable in a category that is as puzzling and opaque as it gets.

The founders of Worthright embarked on this journey after personal experiences caring for and managing the financial affairs of their parents. Having navigated that experience with brute force, we’re setting out to do the heavy lifting for millions of families who have parents or loved ones at retirement age.

Worthright focuses on modernizing existing financial tools – making them more open, transparent and understandable. We do that by marrying intelligent technology with human connection, resulting in a powerful grasp of what options are available to a family to pay for and live a full life.

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Whether you've already retired, or you're concerned about your parents, we want to hear how we can help.

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